Outer Dark Entities

There are many worlds beyond and beneath the one which we mortals occupy, but undoubtedly the most disturbing is the Abyss or Outer Dark. It is a place where the subjective view has more weight than physics, and where every creature encountered is overwhelmingly hostile.

Interestingly it seems that intrinsic supernatural abilities are not required to contact or thin the barriers between this dimension and ours, only the output of large amounts of negative psychic energy. This makes trafficking with the Outer Dark a popular way for occult minded psychopaths to amass power. In order to combat these threats we regularly collaborate with our colleagues in the Ordo Veratatis.

Known ODE’s include:

Torture Dogs: Hunter-killers that take the shape of emaciated wolves bristling with serrated quills and jaws that conceal wicked industrial power drills. Quick, vicious, and sadistic.

The Practice: What can best be described as demonic healthcare workers. When encountered they are often harvesting organs from still conscious victims.

Mneuophage: Mixing the features of humans and spiders, these creatures feed on memories. Useful for stalking investigators or making law enforcement ineffectual.

Outer Dark Entities

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